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Back to School - 10 Steps to Better Grades

10 Steps to Helping Your Child Get Better Grades at School
Please enjoy this article and if you have any questions about confidence, discipline, fitness or safety for your child, please call us at (517) 349-5335.
Here are ten steps to help your child succeed in school this year.

Today we will review steps 1 – 5 and finish 6 – 10.

1. Develop a schedule.
2. Don't Overextend.
3. Get plenty of Rest & Eat right.

4. Teach the importance of good Focus and Concentration.

5. Stay stocked with supplies necessary for homework.

6. Make homework a priority.

Skipped homework can shipwreck an otherwise excellent grade average. Allow sufficient time for homework to be completed in a distraction-free atmosphere. Preferably the time should be after the student has had a chance to unwind from school yet still early enough to feel fresh and alert. Help your children learn the importance of discipline in every area of their lives.

 7. Lavish Praise/Confidence is the key.

Be certain they know that many people struggle in that subject; it does not mean they are stupid. Praise each success as they progress no matter how small. Offer help, or even tutoring if needed, but don't force help if your child prefers to work independently. Sometimes the goals that are met after a tough fight are the most enjoyable.

If your child has low self-esteem or little confidence, martial arts training offers a great environment to help them build the confidence they will need to succeed in life.

8. Keep communication open.

Take time every day to listen to your child. Be certain every conversation is not dominated by you. Let your child tell their experiences at school, with their teacher and with other students, then if problems arise, you have a better understanding of the circumstances that may have led up to them.

9. Keep expectations realistic.

Keep goals reachable to avoid frustration and poor self-image.

10. Be honest.

Many children naturally want to do as well as their parents - or better! So, when you reminisce about your own school days, be certain to tell about your failures as well as your successes.

The Power of Martial Arts and FOCUS

FOCUS & Confidence truly are two of the keys to Getting Better Grades.

Children who train in the martial arts learn powerful focus and concentration skills that translate into better grades and better kids!

NOW is the perfect time to enroll your child today in our FREE “Confidence Course.”  
Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts
2128 Hamilton Rd.
Okemos, MI 48864
(517) 349-5335
P.S. In just 21 days we will be able to dramatically improve your child's focus and confidence, giving them the power to stand up to bullies and peer pressure and help them stay SAFE AND get BETTER GRADES!  
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Back to School - How to Handle Bullying - Part 1

These are a few "Back to School" Tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics Web site on Bullying. We will have a Part 2 on "How to Handle Bullying" and watch for our "Back to School Confidence Course" coming Oct. 5, 2019, will be Class 1
Bullying is when one child picks on another child repeatedly. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or social. It can happen at school, on the playground, on the school bus, in the neighborhood, or over the Internet.

When Your Child Is Bullied
-- Help your child learn how to respond by teaching your child how to:
     1. Look the bully in the eye.
     2. Stand tall and stay calm in a difficult situation.
     3. Walk away.
-- Teach your child how to say in a firm voice:

     1. "I don't like what you are doing."
     2. "Please do NOT talk to me like that."
     3. "Why would you say that?"

-- Teach your child when and how to ask for help.
-- Encourage your child to make friends with other children.
-- Alert school officials to the problems and work with them on solutions.
-- Make sure an adult who knows about the bullying can watch out for your child's safety and well-being when you cannot be there.
When Your Child Is the Bully
-- Be sure your child knows that bullying is never OK.
-- Set firm and consistent limits on your child's aggressive behavior.
-- Be a positive role mode. Show children, they can get what they want without teasing, threatening or hurting someone.
-- Use effective, non-physical discipline, such as loss of privileges.
-- Develop practical solutions with the school principal, teachers, counselors, and parents of the children your child has bullied.
When Your Child Is a Bystander
-- Tell your child not to cheer on or even quietly watch bullying.
-- Encourage your child to tell a trusted adult about the bullying.
-- Help your child support other children who may be bullied. Encourage your child to include these children in activities.
-- Encourage your child to join with others in telling bullies to stop.
Here is more information to help with Bullying...
The Power of Martial Arts and CONFIDENCE

Confidence truly is one of the keys to a happy and successful life. Children who train in the martial arts develop powerful skills to learn, understand and "FEEL" the confidence within themselves and, most importantly, act on it.
These children are statistically more successful in school, in social settings with their peers, and are overall healthier mentally and physically. 
Give your children the power, knowledge, skills, and CONFIDENCE to stand up for themselves, stop the bully, and resist peer pressure and BE SAFE! 
Bring them to our Children’s Confidence Course beginning Friday, October 5, 2019. Come and see for yourself the power of Martial Arts for children.
This Confidence Course is a perfect way to teach your child about the "Yes I Can" Attitude. How to face their fears and not be afraid, and to feel what Confidence is. 
Children 4, 5 & 6 years of age do not intellectually understand Confidence, they must feel it in what they do and how they act in order to understand it. These workshops will give them a great head start, and it's a lot of fun for everyone, especially the parents!
This course is for ages 4 and up. Due to the nature of the workshop and limited space, RSVP is a must. 
Call the Academy at 517-349-5335 to reserve your child’s place in the workshop.

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Safety Tip on 911

Do your children know how and when to call for help?
Emergency – Dial 911 – Fire – Police – Medical
Some safety tips for children on what to know in case of an emergency:
  • Does your child know:
  • What is an Emergency?
  • How to call 911 for Help?
  • To Stay Calm?
  • To Listen to the Dispatcher?
  • Your First & Last Name?
  • Do they know your Address?
  • Do they Know your Cell Phone Number or Where to Find it?
Just a few reminders hope this helped!
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Believe in your child’s potential

Probably the most important factor that will increase your child’s overall success in life is your own belief that he or she can succeed.  This is very powerful.  As parents, we need to know and believe that our children have the ability to succeed in Martial Arts or any other area.  Then we must act accordingly.  If we do this amazing thing it will happen.  Here at the Mid-Michigan Academy of Martial Arts we always teach the principle “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  Parents have to lead from the top down.  We know our kids just like ourselves, have strengths and weaknesses.  However, achievement starts with the foundation of confidence and self-belief.  If you express that they can do something, they will start believing in themselves. 
Every morning as you are brushing your teeth, ask yourself if your words and actions are congruent with your belief in your child’s potential.  If not, decide how you will affirm your child’s potential that day.  Make sure as a parent or parents we give them the encouragement to believe in themselves at Home, at School, and at the Martial Arts School.  If you express that you believe their potential then they will start to believe in themselves more.  Which is a beginning on the road to success and confidence.
-Sifu Dan Timlin
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Praise in public, but reprimand in private

There is no better feeling than public recognition from someone we respect.  We should be consistently looking for honest opportunities to praise our children openly. 
Obviously, too much reward and undue praise for hardly anything (should be age-appropriate) is ridiculous.  Praise for honest effort and honest accomplishment.  Praise proper behavior.  Don’t miss an opportunity to let your child know they did a great job.  Rewarding them at the moment is a way to encourage a great attitude and excellent effort. 
Most of us have experienced public humiliation some time in our life.  For many people, these memories haunt them forever.  Being a parent is not easy.  Sometimes we get angry and want to “teach our child a lesson.”  But is it important to remember that, no matter how angry we are or what our child has done, we should not humiliate or reprimand them in front of others.  Each parent can use their own judgment on this concept.  But, generally speaking, the best way is to cool down first and then address the matter privately. 
Kids need to know boundaries and what is expected of them and why.  By you as parents, knowing first your own values, you can help encourage right and wrong behavior and actions of your children.  Teach your kids to want to earn you’re approval and praise.  But is someone gets out of line try and talk about it.  The praise – correct – praise method is a good way to remember this.  This means to be a good finder.  In other words, praise good behavior or effort make a suggestion or correct and praise the result of finding something else to praise them about what they are doing right.  For example, “Johnny I really like the way you are doing your homework after school and getting better grades now.  We would, however, like to see you not playing your computer games so late at night and get a little more sleep.   So when we say lights out that means it is time to go to bed okay?  “By the way awesome job helping your little sister today.” - Sifu Dan Timlin
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Set Boundaries & Stick to them

Children like to know where the boundaries are, even sometimes when they complain about them. Boundaries make them feel safe. Your child is going to test the boundaries/rules. If you set realistic boundaries and stick to them, things usually work out pretty well. Don't be too quick to set boundaries to which you cannot or will not adhere. Suggestions and encouragement are a great source of motivation. However, sometimes it's necessary to set clear boundaries, do so, and don't deviate from the boundaries you have set.

When I was a kid we used to camp a lot when on vacation. This took teamwork and everybody knew their part. And looking back on it, even though there were hardships involved sometimes, it was the best bonding and learning experience ever. My folks were instilling tough love in us, helping us understand cooperation, teamwork, and patience among other things. Sometimes we'd skip camping and as a special treat, we'd stay at a motel or hotel with a pool. We were excited about that. One time my dad announced we were going to have a motel night. By this time my brother and I were pretty tired of each other and restless and teasing went on for hours. My dad and mom asked us to quit fighting several times but we had had it and weren't listening in. Finally, my dad laid down the boundaries. If we didn't mellow out and shape up he'd keep right on driving through the night to our destination. We calmed down but didn't believe him. He gave us one last warning but we didn't listen. True to his word he kept driving right past the hotel and drove the rest of the night a part of the next day to our destination. It was a rough night and one I didn't forget. Needless to say, we got the point. On the return trip, we were well behaved and shaped up when he asked us to because we knew he'd stick to his boundaries. And, we got to stay in some great motels and had a blast swimming and sleeping more comfortably.
-Sifu Dan Timlin
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In the Martial Arts Academy, we teach the idea that with strong effort comes the reward. One must sacrifice and work hard toward achievement or reward. The same is true in any aspect of life. Just like when we were kids, our kids want privileges. But privileges are not a "right" to something. We believe it's a good thing to teach our youth that with all privileges come responsibilities. It is the way the Martial Arts works, it is the way life works, and our families work. It is not a "right" it is a privilege to be earned to own a puppy, to have a cellphone, a computer, a car. All privileges have responsibilities. For example, if you have the privilege of using the car, then you are responsible for following the rules of the road, and family rules.
If your privilege is going to the movies with a friend, then you are responsible for your conduct and your curfew as well as any other special instructions you might receive from mom and dad. We have the "privilege" of living in a free country. That privilege requires we appreciate those who helped give us these freedoms and it also requires certain acts of responsible behavior on our part.
Parents it is a huge mistake to assume our children will grow up to become responsible adults without a huge amount of coaching. It's a lot of hard work. But it's also one of the most enriching, rewarding experiences that can take place between a parent and a child. You will be so proud to see your kids grow up to be responsible adults.
So parents, be diligent. Don't become frustrated or give up. Stick with it and your child will grow up to handle all types of responsibility effectively.
And remember one "earns" privileges. One qualifies for privileges through responsibility and earning trust. Don't cave! Teach your kids what you like about when they behave with good responsibility. About cause and effect. Always help them learn. Not using this as something to hold against them, but to help them get better. 
Sifu Dan Timlin
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Begin With Gratitude and Watch the Miracles Flow Your Way

Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.
Is thankfulness a survival skill?  Maybe most of you would respond with, "No, thankfulness is not key to survival,” and I would tend to agree with you. Most of us have probably already solved the necessary problems of survival, gone beyond that and are now working to achieve our desires.
But let me give you this key phrase, "Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want."  I believe one of the greatest and perhaps one of the simplest lessons in life we can learn is to be thankful for what we have already received and accomplished.
Both the years and the experiences have brought me here to where I stand today, but it is the thankfulness that opened the windows of opportunities, of blessings, of unique experiences to flow my way. My gratitude starts with my parents who raised me, gave me an incredible foundation that has lasted me all of these years and continues with the mentors that I've met along the way who absolutely changed and revolutionized my life, my future. I am also very thankful for the people, the associations, for the ideas, for the chance to work and labor, and to produce results. I'm grateful for it all.
Always start with thanksgiving; be thankful for what you already have and see the miracles that come from this one simple act.
Now thankfulness is just the beginning. Next, you've got to challenge yourself to produce. Produce more ideas than you need for yourself so you can share and give your ideas away. That is called fruitfulness and abundance—it means working on producing more than you need for yourself so you can begin blessing others, blessing your nation and blessing your enterprise. Once abundance starts to come, once someone becomes incredibly productive, it's amazing what the numbers turn out to be.
But to begin this incredible process of blessing, it often starts with the act of thanksgiving and gratitude, being thankful for what you already have and for what you've already done. Begin the act of thanksgiving today and watch the miracles flow your way.
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Perseverance means sticking it out with something and seeing it through until finality, no matter what obstacles might crop up and get in the way.  One popular motivational statement that we use at our academy is, when faced with a mountain, go over, go around, underneath, or tunnel through if you have to.
We have also, all heard the old saying, where there is a will, there's a way. This is really an accurate statement when you think about it, because perseverance comes from the inner will.  Perseverance also means having a drive and determination and never giving up. 
While everyone would agree that perseverance is an admirable quality when this mental quality needs to be exercised and or utilized in our personal lives, many times we have a tendency to forget about the power of perseverance and where it comes from so that we can have enough motivation and reason to persevere. 
Our perseverance comes from our burning desire and original reasons for our goals (the power of why.)  If our rational isn't right, we will easily get discouraged and give up.  The ability to weather the storm with confidence also comes from understanding problem solving as well, as discussed earlier. 
This is because we may need to use our solution finding skills in order to overcome obstacles and persevere.  Remember, obstacles are a natural phenomenon in life, as we also talked about earlier in the problem-solving section.  So the formula then is to blend the power of why, as discussed in the goals section, to review your original desires which brings honest motivation, become a solutions expert, plus faith.  This will give us the resolve we need to persevere and move straight ahead. 
Also, we can turn to our mission statement and think of why we wrote it for inspiration to keep on moving ahead.  It is not good enough to have in our personalities, stubbornness, and bull-headedness in order to persevere.  It has to come from something deeper within.  A burning desire based on reasons, not just instinct.  There are times when instinct will help one persevere, but beyond this, the outer drive must come from a deeper source for any worthwhile goal to be achieved. 
This comes from an understanding of ourselves, which the Martial Arts journey helps us discover.  Martial Arts can help us understand and discover much about ourselves which helps one grow and mature.  But this will happen only if illumination in these areas is given and proper guidance and direction help us understand our purpose, direction, and ultimately a greater understanding of ourselves through the Martial Arts experience. 
This type of guidance is unique to our system.  Follow through and open-mindedness is incumbent upon the practitioner however, in order to achieve this.
When one understands that we can falter in our goals sometimes and then have a method to regain one's balance and get back to realizing the honest desire for motivation than one not only begins to understand oneself but also begins to understand perseverance.  And still, better yet, how to persevere.  So, when times are tough and things are not going your way, one must have a method and a reason to move ahead anyway. To become successful, one must be a success thinker. As a success thinker, you will eventually mature and understand that the power of the mind is incredible!      
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